NIST WiMAX refer 802.16e-2005

It already has install.txt to help up to auto/manual implement the module into the NS-2

If we use auto, use "patch" file copy to ns-allinone-2.31, for example, and type

patch -p0 <patch-ns-2.31-041707

Be careful, the works we have to do before is placing the ns-allinone-2.31.tar.gz file and ns-nist-wimax-tgz under the same folder

And unpack the file, and we will see "prerelease041707.tgz" after unpack ns-nist-wimax.tgz

Unpack this file again and we could see a folder and INSTALL.TXT and patch-ns-2.31-041707

If our ns-2 version is one of the 2.29, 2.30, and 2.31, we could use the patch to easily let our NS-2 have wimax module


Although the version this module could support only 2.29, 2.30 and 2.31, we still could manually implement the wimax module into NS-2.33

My Linux version:             after I type:"uname -r" and get the information and update before implement the module

My gcc version: 4.4.1 20090725 (Red Hat 4.4.1-2) (GCC)    after I type:"gcc -v" and get the information


Some caution I have to tell you is that if you modified the Makefile before for adding some modules in your NS-2,

Make sure to backup your Makefile!!

And do not use the patch NIST gave!!

The only one thing is different from the INSTALL.TXT says, luckily, is the step 6

The original step6: edit the file common/packet.h and add a new packet type PT_WIMAXBS into the packet_t enumeration and "name_[PT_WIMAXBS]="wimaxCtrl";" to the class p_info

But the NS-2.33 modified from enum to unsigned int, and it let the pre-defined packet types to be "static const"

So I re-write the PT_WIMAXBS to be the "static packet_t PT_WIMAXBS = 62"

I'm not sure about whether the static or static const is right, and the number "62" is the next integer number after the last "static packet_t..." line

After did this step and other step, do the configure and make clean and make to implement the wimax module

At last, you refer your previous Makefile to modify the newest Makefile

Like modify the CCOPT line to be "CCOPT -g -Wall -Wno-write-strings" to block the warning msgs from packet.h because the gcc version

modify the CFLAGS line to be "CFLAGS += $(CCOPT)  $(DERINE) -O0" for KDbg using, etc.

I proof the modification is successful by using ./ns-2.33/tcl/wimax/wimax1.tcl and ./ns-2.33/tcl/wimax/datarate.tcl two TCL files



Good Luck :D


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